Language Module

WPS Interop For Python

Use the Languages of SAS and Python Together

The WPS Interop for Python module supports the use of the Python language in your SAS programs. Sections of your program written in Python together with data will be processed automatically by your Python environment.

Why Interoperate?

Combining Python and SAS languages together creates a unified solution. Mix the high performance data handling and industrial analytics strengths of the SAS language with your favorite Python syntax and libraries. Data is easily exchanged and processed between the Python and SAS language within a single SAS program.

Python Procedure

The procedure allows you to inline or include Python syntax directly in a SAS program. When the SAS program is executed, WPS processes the SAS syntax itself and utilizes your installed Python environment for the execution of the Python syntax.

The output and log information generated by the Python environment are automatically returned back to WPS and can be viewed seamlessly using the WPS Workbench GUI.

PROC PYTHON also provides a simple and efficient way to exchange data between the SAS and Python language environments using Pandas DataFrames.

Dependencies and Usage

WPS Interop for Python can be used on the supported platforms indicated in the table below.

More Information

The document listed below will provide you with details about how to setup and use WPS Interop for Python.

Python Procedure Description
WPS-Python-Procedure-User-Guide-Syntax-Diagram-en.pdf (130 KB) User Guide and lookup for the language support in the WPS Interop for Python module (SYNTAX DIAGRAM version)
WPS-Python-Procedure-User-Guide-en.pdf (125 KB) User Guide and lookup for the language support in the WPS Interop for Python module (TEXTUAL SYNTAX version)
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