Processing Engine

Run programs, workflows and models in development and production

Powering the WPS Analytics platform

The WPS Analytics Processing Engine accesses data, runs workflows, programs and models, and supports a range of user interfaces and APIs

Build applications using mixed programming languages

The Processing Engine handles programs, workflows and models that combine the languages of SAS, SQL, Python and R. The built-in SAS language compiler runs SAS and SQL code and transparently uses Python and R compilers where necessary to run Python and R code and exchange pandas and R data frame data

  • Data access
  • Dataset options
  • DATA step statements
  • Formats and informats
  • Global statements
  • Macros
  • ODS
  • Procedures
  • System options
  • Logs
  • Datasets
  • Text files (CSV, etc)
  • Listing output
  • HTML output
  • PDF output
  • Tables
  • Graphs & charts

Fully integrated SAS language compiler

WPS Analytics does not require third party technology to process applications containing SAS code. The SAS language compiler built into the Processing Engine supports SAS language syntax

Accessing data

The Processing Engine works with many data sources, including Hadoop, data warehouses, databases, SAS, SPSS, Excel, CSV and other file-based data formats and spreadsheets, with no limits on data volumes

Making use of the Processing Engine

Use the Workbench with local or remote Processing Engines

The Workbench can connect to Processing Engines installed both locally on the same computer or on remote servers and cloud platforms

Run from a command line or in batch mode

Processing Engines installed on servers, clouds and mainframes have an integral command line interface (CLI) that can be used to run programs and models

Connect via the Hub API

Build a bespoke web interface or use programmatic calls from C++, C#, Java, .Net and other languages, to connect with our Hub technology to use a Processing Engine to run centrally stored programs and models on-demand or in real-time

Lift SAS language support into Jupyter Notebooks

The WPS Analytics Jupyter Kernel uses a Processing Engine to enable SAS language coding in Jupyter Notebooks with syntax highlighting