WPS Analytics

A powerful and versatile software platform
for scalable data manipulation and analytics

Processing engine incorporating a built-in SAS language compiler with the flexibility to mix other languages into a single program
Access multiple data sources, including big data
WPS overview
Use standalone or with enterprise management facilities including data access control and model deployment to on-demand APIs
Flexible deployment to link on-premise, mainframe and cloud environments

One unified analytics platform

Build data-focused applications using visual workflows and coding. Data science, ETL, predictive modelling, data mining, algorithm and API development

Consolidated analytics technology stack

Easily bring new tech into analytics architectures


An intuitive user interface for analysts and data scientists with visual workflows, mining, modelling and coding tools for beginners to advanced users. Powered by a high-performance data Processing Engine, the Workbench can be used as a standalone solution on your PC, or connected to a centralized WPS Analytics infrastructure on a server or cloud platform

Processing Engine

An ultra-robust, scalable back-end to the WPS Analytics platform, that connects to data and runs programs, workflows and models in development and production. With a built-in SAS language compiler the Processing Engine can run applications that mix the languages of SAS, SQL, Python, and R


Centralized control for data access, model and program deployment and analytics API publishing for on‑demand and real-time scoring

Jupyter Kernel

Use SAS language in Jupyter Notebook environments

A unified analytics platform for users of all abilities

Who uses WPS Analytics?

Data scientists

Understand data with predictive analytics and visual programming tools

SAS language users

Develop and run SAS programs

Decision makers

Gain insights, make better, faster decisions

Flexible deployment

Choose a deployment architecture that fits now, with options to adapt and enhance easily in the future. Desktop, server, mainframe, datacenter, cloud

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