WPS Engine for PostgreSQL

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WPS Engine for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Database Connectivity

The WPS Engine for PostgreSQL module provides connectivity to version 9 (and upwards) of the PostgreSQL database.

Type of Access Supported?
Reading Yes
Writing Yes
Updating Yes
Creating New Tables Yes
Implicit Pass Through Support Yes
Explicit Pass Through Support Yes
Bulk Loading Yes

The WPS engine for PostgreSQL connects to a PostgreSQL database using PostgreSQL's own libpq API

Dependencies and Usage

The WPS Engine for PostgreSQL can only be used on the supported platforms indicated in the table below.

Platform Supported?
AIX on IBM PowerNo
Linux on ARMYes
Linux on IBM Power LE (Little Endian)Yes
Linux on x86Yes
macOS on x86Yes
Windows on x86Yes
z/OS on an architecture 7 machineNo

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