Preserve investment in existing SAS language programs

Run existing SAS language programs with WPS Analytics

With the SAS language compiler built into WPS Analytics, migrate, maintain and execute existing SAS programs and develop new programs

Move to WPS Analytics in 3 steps...

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Analyse code

  • Use the WPS Analytics code analyzer to validate the functional fit of WPS with existing SAS language programs
  • Confirm product fit, discuss roadmap if necessary
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  • Deploy WPS Analytics software for testing and evaluate function and performance of WPS
  • Define migration tasks
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  • Migrate programs to run with WPS Analytics
  • Verify output
  • Complete migration

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Code analyzer

The WPS Analytics code analyzer tool can check hundreds of SAS language programs in seconds to display compatibility with the WPS Processing Engine

Download the PDF document for an overview of the code analyzer tool and how to use it

Migrating to WPS has a world of advantages

Reduce operational costs

Migrating existing SAS language programs to run with WPS Analytics often results in reduced operational costs with cost-effective license options

Combine data-centric languages

WPS Analytics provides the flexibility to mix SAS code with SQL, Python and R in a single program

Universal data access

WPS Analytics can access data sources, including Hadoop, data warehouses, databases, datasets, data files and spreadsheets, JSON, XML, websites and web services

Flexible deployment

Choose a deployment architecture that is right for today and adapts to future needs. WPS Analytics can be used in-cloud and on desktops, servers and mainframe environments