SAS language users

WPS Analytics is the only true alternative SAS language platform

Built-in SAS language support

WPS Analytics can run programs written in the SAS language without the need for any third-party products

Broad procedure support

Perform advanced statistics, machine learning, time-series analysis, matrix programming and generate output including graphs, tables, spreadsheets, xml, json, pdf, html and much more

Mix programming languages

Mix SAS language code with SQL, Python and R in a single program

All-inclusive data access

Hadoop, data warehouses, databases, SAS and WPS datasets, Excel spreadsheets, SPSS, web data, JSON and XML

Workbench IDE

A sophisticated and user friendly Integrated Development Environment for developing and working with the SAS language

Data science tools

Complementing the coding tools, WPS Analytics has a workflow editor with interactive visual data science tools for data prep, data profiling and predictive modeling and machine learning

Multi-platform support

WPS Analytics can be deployed to any environment: cloud, datacenter, mainframe, server, desktop PC and Mac

Migrate existing SAS programs

A built-in code analyzer can review the functional fit of WPS Analytics for existing SAS language programs

Reduce costs

Migrating existing SAS language programs to run under WPS Analytics typically results in substantial reduced operational costs and an ROI within 12 months