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We are always looking for talented software engineers, primarily C/C++ developers. Involvement with the full design and test life cycle can be expected together with defect resolution and support.

Any of the following skills and experience will be advantageous:

  • Statistical mathematics and numerical methods
  • SAS language
  • R Language or S Language
  • Software design patterns
  • Assembler (Intel, Sparc, p-Series, z-Series)
  • IBM z/OS mainframe
  • Rapid/agile/extreme development
  • Structured testing
  • Defect diagnosis and resolution
  • Java
  • Eclipse framework
  • GUI development
  • Microsoft COM
  • Corba
  • ODBC
  • Technical documentation
  • Microsoft Installer

Our staff are dedicated to producing high quality software and enjoy working in a relaxed and informal working environment. We are based in South Hampshire in the UK.

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Position Posted date Closing date Location
Data Scientist 2018-10-11 2018-11-12 World Programming, c/o Regus Office, 1 Farnham Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4RG, translation missing: