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WPS Standard Edition Licensing provides the ultimate access to the latest WPS functionality for business or personal needs.

WPS software is provided on an annual subscription basis. A Standard Edition licence subscription for workstation, server or mainframe provides access to software, maintenance and technical support, use of a large set of integrated modules for programming in the SAS language with the ability to interoperate with Python and R and access capabilities for a wide range of databases, data files and Hadoop big data environments.

Licensed to Consumers and Businesses
Permitted Usage Business and Personal Activities
  •  Workstation
  •  Server
  •  Mainframe
Cost Annual Subscription
Data Bureau Use
License Term Annual
Generally Available (GA) Software Access
Early Access (EA) Software Access
Technical Support Services
Community Forum
Data Connectivity All
SAS Language Compiler
Python and R Language Mixing
Command Line Use
Use with WPS Hub
Remote Communication and Linking
Indemnities and Warranties Included
Ad Free
Usage Stats Collection Optional
Application processed within 1 working day

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