Community Edition

Free to Use

WPS Community Edition provides users with free access to WPS Analytics software including a SAS language compiler with coding and workflow tools on unlimited data volumes.

The Community Edition is available to business and personal users and can be used at home or at work. Users will get access to the most recent version of WPS Analytics software with the very latest features. A Community Edition licence key will be issued that will activate the software for up to six months. At the end of this term, users may be invited to renew their licence and to upgrade to the latest available version of the software.

No technical support service is offered with the Community Edition and the software is made available without warranty or indemnity. Community Edition users may make use of the free WPS Community Forum to post and answer questions.

Licensed to Consumers and Businesses (named user only)
Permitted Usage Business and Personal Activities
  •  Workstation
  •  Server
  •  Mainframe
Cost Free
Bureau Provider Use  
Licence Term 6 Months
Generally Available (GA) Software Access  
Early Access (EA) Software Access  
Technical Support Services  
Community Forum  
Data Connectivity All
SAS Language Compiler  
Python and R Language Mixing  
Command Line Use  
Use with WPS Hub  
Remote Communication and Linking  
Indemnities and Warranties None
Ad Free  
Usage Stats Collection Mandatory
Instant Download