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Free Full Licence

WPS Academic Edition provides schools, colleges and universities with free access to WPS software.

The Academic Edition is licensed to recognised not-for-profit academic institutions for use by students and members of academic staff for teaching, learning and research. Any research use is subject to the guidelines set out in OECD Frascati Manual 2002. Academic Institutions should contact the World Programming sales team for details on how to acquire a licence.

Commercial educational institutions and training organisations are not eligible for WPS Academic Edition, but they are able to use WPS Standard Edition for their educational and training services.

Students in full-time education at a recognised, not-for-profit academic institution can request a WPS Academic Edition licence directly from World Programming. When applying for a personal WPS Academic Edition, students must use an email address provided by their academic institution and must be able to prove that they are in full-time education at that academic institution. Students can also consider the free WPS Community Edition.

Licensed to Schools, universities, students and researchers
Permitted Usage Teaching, Learning and Research
  •  Workstation
  •  Server
  •  Mainframe
Cost Free
Data Bureau Use
License Term Academic Year
Generally Available (GA) Software Access
Early Access (EA) Software Access
Technical Support Services Discretionary
Community Forum
Data Connectivity All
SAS Language Compiler
Python and R Language Mixing
Command Line Use
Use with WPS Hub
Remote Communication and Linking
Indemnities and Warranties Included
Ad Free
Usage Stats Collection Optional
Application processed within 1 working day

If you would like to discuss using WPS at your academic institution, please submit a sales enquiry.

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