Release Information

About WPS 3.3

For a more generalised overview of the current features of WPS not just the 'new' features summarised below, please refer to the Products section.

Release Date

  • WPS version 3.3 was released on 15 Dec 2016.
  • WPS version was released on 06 Feb 2017.
  • WPS version 3.3.1 was released on 04 Apr 2017.
  • WPS version 3.3.2 was released on 10 Oct 2017.
  • WPS version 3.3.3 was released on 06 Apr 2018.
  • WPS version 3.3.4 was released on 28 Jun 2018.
  • WPS version 3.3.5 was released on 21 Sep 2018.
  • WPS version 3.3.6 was released on 10 Dec 2018.
  • WPS version 3.3.7 was released on 04 Mar 2019.
  • WPS version 3.3.8 was released on 24 May 2019.
  • WPS version 3.3.9 was released on 05 Sep 2019.

Related Documents

Please visit the Documentation section to view Documents For WPS Version 3.3.

Upgrade Notes

Only if you are upgrading from WPS version 2 do you need to be aware of special upgrade considerations. Please refer to the notes about upgrading from version 2 to version 3.

New in WPS Version 3.3.9

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.3.9 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.3.8

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.3.8 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.3.7

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.3.7 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.3.6

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.3.6 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.3.5

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.3.5 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.3.4

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.3.4 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.3.3

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.3.3 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.3.2

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.3.2 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.3.1

WPS version 3.3.1 is a rollup of maintenance fixes. It also includes the following enhancements:

  • 9.4 CPORT file support
  • PROC SQL implicit pass-through optimisation
  • macOS DMG installer

New in WPS Version

Updates and Enhancements

WPS provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.3

ARM Processor

WPS is now supported with Linux on ARM processor platforms (AArch64).

Linux on Power

WPS is now supported with Linux on IBM Power hardware.

Python Integration

WPS Interop for Python introduces new support in WPS for the Python Language via a new procedure, PROC PYTHON.

Jupyter Notebook

WPS Jupyter Kernel introduces the ability to lift SAS language support from WPS directly into Jupyter Notebook environments. Jupyter is often used to create and share interactive teaching and learning materials.

Matrix Programming

A new WPS Matrix Programming module introduces support for PROC IML. This provides advanced matrix manipulation and algorithm development using either the SAS language or the R language.

Statistical Analysis

WPS Statistics support has been expanded to include procedures ACECLUS, CANCORR, GENMOD, LIFEREG, LIFETEST, LOESS, LOGISTIC, MI, MIXED, MODECLUS, PHREG, PROBIT and VARCOMP.

The statistical ability to model nested-effect variables has been added to the ANOVA, GLM and LOGISTIC procedures. Both discrete and continuous nesting of class effect variables is supported.

The PLOT option is now supported in statistical procedures ANOVA, GLM, LOGISTIC and NPAR1WAY.

Time Series Analysis

The WPS Time Series support for PROC ARIMA has been expanded to include the option ESACF, SCAN and MINIC options in the IDENTIFY statement.


Enhancements to WPS Graphing include the addition of the procedure GBARLINE. This can be used to generate bar charts onto which plot data can be overlaid.

The global statement ANNOTATE is now supported in graphing procedures GPLOT, GCHART and GBARLINE. This enables specified graphics to be added to graphical output.


WPS version 3.3 introduces some basic support for creating output in PDF format.


The EXPORT procedure provides a new USEDATE option, which ensures date values are treated as dates not as date-times.

Excel Spreadsheets

A new WPS Engine for XLSX module provides access to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files on all supported platforms, including UNIX and Mainframe, without the need for any Microsoft drivers or software. Both the .xls and .xlsx Excel file types are supported.


The WPS Engine for MySQL supports a new DBDATETIME_TYPE option, which specifies whether a datetime or timestamp will be applied to a numeric field in the database table.

Netezza and Oracle Performance

The performance of WPS data handling for Netezza and Oracle data sources is enhanced with a new multi-threading option.

Data Step Performance

The WPS compilation technology underlying the SAS data step has been enhanced to provide performance improvements.

Workbench Program Editor

The WPS Workbench SAS program editor has numerous code editing enhancements.

  • Content Assist can be enabled (CTRL+SPACEBAR) to provide lookups and suggestions for valid SAS language items that can be used in a program.
  • Syntax highlighting has been expanded to include language items inside user-defined macros.
  • Automatic checking for basic syntax errors as you type.
  • Words in error are underlined and flagged in the left margin of the program editor.

Code Submission and Work Location

You can now specify that the working directory to use during code submission should be set to the directory from which a program is opened. This can be specified for local or remote WPS servers.

AES Password Encryption

The PWENCODE procedure enables scrambling passwords so they do not appear as clear text in source code. This procedure has been enhanced in WPS version 3.3 to allow the use of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Restricting Site Options

SITEOPTIONS now has a new RESTRICT option. This prevents the value of a specified option value being overridden by a corresponding option in a configuration file or system option.

Upgrading from WPS Version 2 to WPS Version 3

New Version 3 WPS Dataset

Please read carefully in the WPS version 3 "releasenotes.txt" file (see Documentation) the section "WPD Library Engine and Data Migration and Performance Considerations" for important information regarding:
  1. Data migration for use with version 3
  2. Ongoing operation in mixed WPS version 3 and WPS version 2.x environments

Command Line Interface - Windows Users

The name of the command line executable for WPS has been changed from wpsi.exe to wps.exe. Existing batch scripts and other references to wpsi.exe will need to be changed to wps.exe.

Command Line Interface - Linux, AIX Users

The location of the command line executable for WPS has been moved from the root of the WPSHOME directory to the bin subdirectory. Existing shell scripts and other references to WPS will need to be changed to bin/wps.

Licence Keys

Existing version 2 licence keys are not compatible with WPS version 3. A new version 3 licence key will be required in order to activate the new software. A new version 3 licence key is free to valid licence holders. Existing licence holders can request a new version 3 licence key by Contacting The WPS Support Team.

Obtaining the Software

WPS version 3 is a free upgrade for all valid licence holders. Please ensure you have read the licence key notes above before upgrading to version 3. If you have personal login details to access the WPS software download server, just use these to login and you will see WPS version 3 ready to download and install. If you do not have personal login details, please talk to the nominated person in your organisation/department responsible for coordinating how you obtain new releases of WPS in your organisation.