Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Data Scientist
“I need to access and prepare any data with automated data profiling to provide business insight”

Data Workflow

  • Clean and shape any data
  • Intuitive drag-drop functionality
  • Export and view in MS Excel
  • Handle any data format
  • Use in-cloud, on servers and desktops

Three reasons why Data Scientists need WPS Analytics…

Connect and prepare multiple data sources

Leverage data from Hadoop, data warehouses, databases, datasets, data files and spreadsheets.

Use workflow to quickly cleanse and prepare data and perform advanced operations with programmable nodes in the languages of SAS, SQL, Python and R.

Profile and discover data insights

Automated data profiler to discover and generate insights from your data.

Advanced statistics for business insight.

Machine learning algorithms for predictive modelling.


Use the workflow environment to generate deployment code.

Share code with peers to collaborate best practices.

Deploy to a central repository to automatically invoke insights without having to re-open a project.

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