Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Data Analyst
“I want a strong understanding of my data, with instant meaningful business insights”

Coding and Workflow

  • Intuitive point-and-click tools
  • SAS language support
  • Open source language integration
  • Data discovery and profiling
  • Code generation

Three reasons why Data Analyst need WPS Analytics…

Reduce the cost of creating and running new and existing SAS programs

Use workflow with drag-drop, point-and-click nodes.

Or, write SAS language programs with support for macros, graphing, statistical analytics, time series analysis, matrix programming and machine learning.

Introduce open source languages into your analytics platform

Combine the best of SAS language and open source languages in your programs.

Enhance workflows with code blocks written with open source and SAS languages

Reduce the time of the analytical lifecycle

Use point-and-click data profiling to quickly discover and generate insights from your data.

Generate deployment code automatically from a workflow.

Share code with peers to collaborate best practices.

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