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Why migrate?

SAS program migration

Open source consolidation

Cloud implementation

SAS program migration

With a substantial investment in existing business-critical applications written in the SAS language you may be exploring options to reduce running costs of SAS language programs and allocate savings towards other technologies. Recoding many man-years of IP into another language is technically very difficult and sometimes just not practical or even possible.

Preserve your IP investment

WPS Analytics has its own fully-integrated SAS language compiler. This means existing and new SAS language programs can be maintained and run without the need to install other third-party SAS language products.

  • IBM Mainframe support – z/OS and Mainframe Linux
  • On-premise capabilities – AIX, Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Cloud compatible – AWS, Azure, Google

Move to WPS Analytics in 3 steps

1. Code Analysis: Validate the functional fit of WPS Analytics with your existing SAS language programs.

2. Evaluate: Use WPS Analytics software to test and evaluate its function and performance.

3. Migrate: Move your programs to run with WPS Analytics on your chosen architecture.