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Why migrate?

SAS program migration

Open source consolidation

Cloud implementation

Why migrate?

  • Run existing or new programs written in SAS language syntax without the need to install any third-party products
  • ROI is often less than 12 months with typical cost savings of between 50% to 70% (based on customer feedback)
  • Bridge the world of SAS language and open source languages, including Python, R and SQL
  • Resolve governance need
  • Deploy analytics via APIs on-demand and in real time
  • Modernise and future-proof your analytics with a platform that embraces new technologies

Match, mix, modernise

Migration can be managed in phases or as a single project:

Match: A basic migration would match your current on-premise or mainframe architecture to run your existing SAS language programs

Mix: A more encompassing migration could take advantage of the ability to mix Python, R and SQL with SAS language

Modernise: Comprehensive architecture support allows you to modernise to the cloud, to a new on-premise platform, or even a hybrid of on-premise and cloud

More than just a SAS language environment

A platform for developers and business users of data analytics​:
  • Development tools for data engineering, data science, predictive modelling, with workflow and coding facilities
  • Governance and centralised data access control for developers and business users of deployed analytics
  • Deployment facilities for programs written in language of SAS, Python and R
  • Deploy programs as RESTful APIs for shared on-demand use
  • Independent users and groups with differing skill sets can collaborate and communicate via a single Workbench IDE/GUI
  • Git integration provides code management and version control, between users and between development and deployment environments
  • Handle expanding data volumes with connectivity for big data, mainframe, cloud and traditional data sources