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Debt management


Using statistical and machine learning techniques, we analyse available data and, with predictive modelling, reduce the information to a single value known as a credit score representing:​

  • Propensity to default on a credit obligation​.​
  • Propensity to become delinquent or insolvent.

Origination scorecards​​​

Financial lenders now use advanced customer data enhancement to reduce lending risk.  Using statistical and machine learning techniques, we analyse the available data and reduce it to a single value known as a credit score representing the lending risk for each individual record. ​

Credit scoring

Credit scoring is a form of Artificial Intelligence, based on predictive modelling, that assesses the likelihood of a customer defaulting on a credit obligation, becoming delinquent or insolvent. A high credit score indicates to the lender a high confidence in that customer’s creditworthiness. Once we have built a predictive model, the model “learns” from key inputs such as customer historical data alongside peer group data and other data to predict the probability of that customer displaying a defined future behaviour.

Solution capabilities​

  • Standardise customer credit scores by score bands
  • Reduce expected default rate
  • Increase auto approve rates for lowest risk customers