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Debt management

Debt management

Our consultants build risk analysis models for the entire customer journey to predict arrears probability and enable cost-efficient debt collection.

Deployed in real time, these models inform optimal credit decisioning and resourcing of debt collection by supplying information on:

  • Payback probability
  • Best channel optimisation
  • Operational cost-efficiency

Use our services to:

  • Analyse behavioural and credit information
  • Evaluate customer propensity for loan repayment by reviewing affordability and detecting fraud
  • Reduce delinquency and increase operational cost efficiency
  • Decrease defaulters/write-offs and reduce arrears build-up
  • Maximise the impact of customer interactions in debt collection
  • Predict customer propensity to pay, default, self-cure and write-off
  • Score daily with our predictive models

Reduce costs by allocating communications resource according to predicted behaviours and operational constraints:

  • Allocate communications investment proportionate to propensity to pay
  • Automate triggers for SMS, letter or phone call
  • Maintain costs to operationally sustainable fixed amount


Solution capabilities​

  • Predict who will pay, default, self-cure and write-off
  • Automate your debt collection strategy
  • Schedule daily batch scoring
  • Control fixed costs
  • Optimise debt-collection
  • Maximise debt recovery rate
  • Deploy customer-centric collections strategies
  • Automatically distribute cases daily to debt collectors
  • Reduce costs by optimising distribution of communication channels

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