Language Module

WPS Interop For R

Use The Languages of SAS and R Together

The WPS Interop for R module lets you mix the language of R into your SAS programs. Sections of your program written in R together with data will be sent automatically to your R environment for execution.

Why Interoperate?

Being able to use the language of R together with the SAS language offers the best of both worlds: the high productivity, scalability, robust data handling and industrial analytics strength of the SAS language together with novel and emerging academic statistics from the R ecosystem.

R Procedure

The R procedure included with WPS Interop for R allows you to inline or include R programs directly in a SAS program. When the SAS program is executed, WPS runs the SAS language syntax itself and interoperates with your chosen installed R environment for the execution of the R statements.

When WPS executes a program file that contains R syntax, the output and log information generated by the R environment are automatically returned back to WPS and can be viewed seamlessly using the WPS Workbench GUI.

The R procedure also provides a simple and efficient way to exchange data between the SAS and R language environments.

Dependencies and Usage

WPS Interop for R is supported in WPS version 3.1 and above.

A third party R environment must be present in addition to WPS software in order to run the R procedure.

The R environment must be installed on the same computer on which WPS is installed and executed.

WPS Interop for R can be used on platforms where third party R environments are supported including Windows and Linux.

More Information

The document listed below will provide you with details about how to setup and use WPS Interop for R.

R Procedure Description
WPS-Proc-R-User-Guide-Syntax-Diagram-en.pdf (437 KB) User guide and lookup for the language support in the WPS Interop for R module (SYNTAX DIAGRAM version)
WPS-Proc-R-User-Guide-en.pdf (409 KB) User guide and lookup for the language support in the WPS Interop for R module (TEXTUAL SYNTAX version)
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