A powerful and user friendly IDE/GUI for users of all abilities and skill sets

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An IDE/GUI for coders and non‑coders

The Workbench is a user friendly IDE/GUI that you either use as a drag-and-drop workflow environment, or as a coding environment


Prepare and analyse data using code. Create, manage and run code and explore results interactively. Create programs in the SAS language, mixing in SQL, Python and R


Use visual programming tools including a drag-and-drop workflow editor with interactive data profiling, data preparation, and predictive modelling tools. For advanced tasks, code nodes are available in workflows for programming in the languages of SAS, Python, R or SQL

Powering the Workbench

The Workbench uses the WPS Analytics Processing Engine behind the scenes to run programs, workflows and models

Use stand-alone or in client/server mode

The Workbench installed on a PC can process everything locally in standalone mode, or it can be configured to operate as a client with the data crunching performed transparently on remote WPS Analytics server or cloud environments

Remote desktop

A WPS Analytics server or cloud installation can support multiple concurrent Workbench users via remote desktop services including Microsoft and Citrix

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