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Lift SAS language support from WPS Analytics directly into Jupyter Notebook environments

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SAS Language Support for Jupyter Notebooks

The WPS Analytics Jupyter Kernel provides support for using the SAS language in Jupyter Notebooks.

What is Jupyter Notebook?

Jupyter Notebooks (www.jupyter.org) were developed for “literate programming” combining descriptive notes and diagrams with editable, executable code, all within a single document (notebook). Jupyter notebooks are often used for creating and sharing training material for programming and data science.

WPS Analytics and Jupyter

Using the WPS Jupyter kernel with Jupyter Notebooks allows users to write, edit and execute SAS language code blocks entirely from within a Jupyter Notebook. The actual execution of the SAS code blocks is handled in the background by the WPS Processing Engine. Output from Jupyter Notebooks can be displayed within the same Jupyter Notebook.

Jupyter Notebooks have typically been used for learning in the languages of Python and R. The WPS Analytics Jupyter Kernel lets students learn the language of SAS together with Python and R in a single, familiar tool.

Schools and universities can get the WPS Jupyter Kernel free for their students with the WPS Analytics Academic Edition licence.

Dependencies and Usage

WPS Jupyter Kernel can be used in server environments where Jupyter itself is supported.

More information

Language Syntax Description
WPS-kernel-for-Jupyter-installation-guide.pdf (180 KB) User Guide and setup for using the WPS Jupyter Kernel with Jupyter Notebook technology


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