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Workflows provide an interactive visual programming environment for data science

Workflow blocks

Build workflows by selecting from a palette of drag-and-drop interactive blocks, providing the perfect combination of low-level data engineering tools for retrieving, blending and preparing data for analysis, together with machine learning capabilities to build, explore and validate reproducible predictive models

Use code blocks in your workflow

Code blocks can be included in workflows to perform advanced tasks using the programming languages of SAS, SQL, Python and R

The power behind a workflow

Blocks in a workflow are executed in the background by the powerful WPS Analytics Processing Engine

Full data analytics lifecycle

A single set of tools for data engineering and data science

Visual programming and data science

The workbench is ideal for users who want to perform simple data tasks such as extracting data from databases or transforming and producing spreadsheets and reports. The workbench is equally suited to advanced analytics tasks such as data prep, exploring, profiling, and visualisation of data, predictive modelling with decision trees, regression, scorecarding and clustering/segmentation analysis, model validation and preparing for production deployment

Data discovery

  • Data profiling
  • Automated data quality checking
  • Validating data
  • Uncovering new insights from data
  • Automatic variable reporting
  • Advanced statistics

Machine learning

  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Decision trees, clustering, regression
  • Hardened, scalable, tested algorithms
  • Auto generation of code for deployment to production

Model performance

  • Validate models against test data
  • Compare multiple models to identify the best
  • Charts for ROC, cumulative gains, KS and lift
  • View multiple charts in a single report


  • Variable reduction
  • Weight of Evidence (WoE) transform editor
  • Transformation code
  • Automatic scorecard code output

More to come…

New features are being added. Please contact us for details or if you have specific requirements. We love talking to our customers and users!

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