WPS Time Series

SAS Language Modules

Time Series Language Support

The WPS Time Series module provides support for the following procedures:

  • ESM
  • LOAN
  • X12

Dependencies and Usage

WPS Time Series is available on all supported platforms

WPS Time Series Support in Detail

The documents listed below provide details about the supported language syntax.

Language Syntax Description
WPS-Reference-for-Language-Elements-Syntax-Diagram.pdf Look up the syntax of all supported language elements and options from all the WPS modules


Other SAS language modules

WPS Core

Support for core language, macros, output and standard data file formats (datasets, sequential files, transport files)

WPS Graphing

Graphing and charting language support

WPS Statistics

Statistical analysis language support

WPS Time Series

Time Series analysis language support

WPS Matrix Programming

Language syntax for advanced matrix manipulation

WPS Machine Learning

Language support for machine learning algorithms

WPS Interop For R

Language of R support

WPS Interop For Python

Language of Python support

WPS Interop For Hadoop

Language support to interact with Hadoop big data environments

WPS Communicate

Programatically execute parts of a script on remote server installations of WPS and upload/download data to/from the remote servers

WPS Language SDK

Develop your own custom SAS language items

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