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Combining Local & Remote Program Execution

In a regular WPS session all processing is performed on single local host. The WPS Communicate module allows parts of a program to be executed on different remote servers in either a synchronous or asynchronous manner.

It can be advantageous to run different parts of a program on different servers. For example you might have a reporting application that needs to extract and summarise data before generating and distributing reports. It may make sense to perform the extraction and summarisation parts of the process on the host that stores the data, and then transfer the summarised data back to the client machine for generation and distribution of the reports.

This can be ideal for the enterprise environment where security, scalability and manageability are key. Data need never leave the datacentre whilst analysts benefit from the ability to perform powerful analytics using advanced programmatic capabilities. WPS Communicate technology is complementary to the WPS Link technology and the two work well together within the enterprise environment.

Using WPS Communicate, datasets required on a remote server for processing can be uploaded programmatically from within the locally running SAS program. SAS program code can then be submitted for execution on the remote server.

Datasets produced by the remotely executed program can then be downloaded to the local WPS session for further analysis or processing.

WPS can be on a completely different platform to the remote WPS server platform. For example, you might have WPS installed locally on a Windows workstation communicating to remote WPS installations on Linux servers and Mainframes.

Establishing WPS Communicate Connections

Communications can be secured using robust, industry-standard, high-strength encryption. Alternatively the older Telnet protocol can be used to connect to legacy systems.


Some benefits of using WPS Communicate technology:

  • WPS Workstations can take advantage of WPS installed on cloud, grid, cluster or mainframe facilities
  • Security is enhanced as programs can be developed and run without data leaving the data centre
  • This programmatic facility is ideal for automation and scheduled or batch operation

Dependencies and Usage

WPS Communicate can only be used with WPS versions 3.1 or higher.

WPS Communicate provides connectivity between installations of WPS on all supported platforms

More Information

The documents listed below provide details about how to setup and use WPS Communicate.

Language Syntax Description
WPS-Communicate-User-Guide-and-Reference-Syntax-Diagram.pdf (1.2 MB)
User guide and lookup for the language support in the WPS Communicate module (SYNTAX DIAGRAM version)


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