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Fully integrated SAS language support

WPS Analytics can run programs written in SAS language syntax, without the need to install any third-party products

Data access
Dataset options
DATA step statements
Formats and informats
Global statements
System options
Text files (CSV, etc)
Listing output
HTML output
PDF output
Graphs & charts

Wide ranging procedure support

  • Graphs and charts
  • Statistical analysis
  • Time series analytics
  • Matrix manipulation
  • Machine learning

Procedures for mixing languages

WPS Analytics includes SAS language procedures for using SQL, Python, R and Hadoop and for exchanging data, all inside a single program

SAS language reference guides

Visit the documentation section of this website to download reference guides about the SAS language support in WPS Analytics

Accessing data

WPS Analytics connects to Hadoop, data warehouses, databases, datasets, data files and spreadsheets

Coding features

  • SAS program editing
  • Running SAS programs and exploring results, logs, libraries, datasets and output
  • Dataset editing
  • Wizards to import/export datasets from/to CSV and Excel
  • Choose from an extensive range of open source plugins to extend the Workbench

Preserve investment in existing SAS language programs

Migrate existing SAS programs

The first step to migrate existing SAS language programs is to perform a code analysis using the built-in WPS Analytics code analyser to check the compatibility of programs for running with WPS Analytics

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