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Local Workbench, remote servers

Using WPS Link technology, WPS Workbench can run programs on remote installations of WPS installed on a server or cloud. Generated output, datasets, logs, etc, can all be viewed and manipulated in WPS Workbench as if the workloads had been executed locally. This is ideal in an enterprise concerned with security, scalability and manageability. Data doesn’t have to leave the data center, and analysts benefit from powerful analytics with an advanced local user interface. All connections are made with strong, resilient and industry standard encryption systems.

WPS Workbench can be installed on a completely different platform than the linked WPS servers. For example, you may have a local installation of WPS Workbench on a Windows workstation linked to a Linux server.

You can even use WPS Link from WPS Workbench installed on a server to link it to other remote servers.

SAS language programs do not need specific instructions to use this feature.

Establishing remote connections

All WPS Link connections are established and maintained using SSH technology. A local installation of WPS Workbench connects to a remote server using functions of the WPS Workbench GUI.


Here are some of the advantages of using WPS Link technology:

  • Desktop or laptop computers can use WPS installations on more powerful servers.
  • WPS desktops can leverage the power of WPS installations on a cloud, grid, or cluster of computers.
  • WPS Workbench users can run multiple programs simultaneously on linked WPS servers.
  • Security is enhanced as it is possible to develop and run programs without data leaving a data center.
  • Different sites within a company can access and share WPS server resources.

Dependencies and usage

WPS Link can only be used with WPS version 3 or later.

WPS Link enables connectivity between WPS Workbench installations and remote WPS installations on the server platforms shown in the table below.

Platform Supported
AIX on IBM Power  
Linux on ARM  
Linux on IBM Power LE (Little Endian)  
Linux on x86  
macOS on x86  
Windows on x86  
z/OS on machine architecture 7

Additional information

The document listed below gives you a detailed overview of how to configure and use WPS Link.

WPS Link Description
WPS-Link-User-Guide-and-Reference.pdf User guide and reference for the WPS Link module


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