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The WPS Analytics Workbench can be used for pure coding. The Workbench includes a modern integrated development environment (IDE) to create, maintain and run programs and to explore data, results and logs in an interactive and familiar way for analysts and data scientists. The primary coding language is SAS with support for coding in SQL, Python and R

Tools include…

  • Code editor
  • Code templates
  • Run a program or run selected lines of code from a program
  • Facilities to explore logs, libraries, datasets and other generated output
  • Wizards to export/import datasets to/from Excel and CSV
  • Project management and code history facilities
  • Choose from an extensive range of open source plugins to extend the Eclipse framework

Use the right language

The coding environment is primarily for handling SAS language programs but you have the flexibility to add Python, R and SQL code inside your SAS programs

Built-in SAS language compiler

WPS Analytics can run programs written in SAS language syntax, without the need to install any third-party products

Running programs

The Workbench seamlessly uses the WPS Analytics Processing Engine behind the scenes to run programs

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