WPS First to Support SAS Language on Mainframe Linux

Significant cost savings for existing Mainframe SAS users

LONDON, UK – 08 January 2010 – IBM® has officially accredited WPS developed by World Programming Limited, as ready for use with Linux® on System z Mainframes. WPS software supports the SAS language. For the first time, applications written in the SAS language can be run under Linux on System z Mainframes.

Mainframe users have traditionally only had the option to run their applications written in the SAS language on the z/OS operating system. The option for Mainframe Linux provides users with the opportunity to move from z/OS to Linux on the same hardware without a significant change to the underlying hardware platform.

WPS takes full advantage of the Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) hardware for IBM z9 and z10 Mainframe Systems. IFL provides the advantage of increased performance whilst significantly reducing operating and software licensing costs.

Preserving SAS related workloads on a Mainframe but utilizing Linux and IFL technology has been warmly received by the mainframe community.

Linux on System z also offers the ability to consolidate services from distributed (non-Mainframe) server hardware. This provides additional enterprise cost savings and flexibility in the deployment of WPS.
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About World Programming

World Programming produces the WPS industrial analytics and data science platform supporting the SAS language and R on workstation, server, cloud, grid and mainframe systems. World Programming has built a reputation for quality, reliability, performance, customer service and value for money. Leading organisations around the globe in every industry use WPS software in production.

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