WPS Analytics Version 4 Released

LONDON, UK – 27 March 2018 – World Programming, a leading provider of data analytics software, today released version 4 of its WPS Analytics platform. Aimed at analysts and data scientists in all industry sectors, this new version of WPS Analytics boosts productivity for data scientists whilst making advanced analytics more accessible to those without a data science background.

Long-established WPS Analytics features, including the built-in SAS language compiler, have focussed on programming and scripting to perform data-related tasks. New to version 4 is an interactive visual interface for data-related programming and predictive modelling.

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop Workflows with visual tools for data preparation and discovery, modelling, model validation, scoring and generation of error-free production code have been added. Powered by the fast and scalable WPS Analytics Processing Engine, these new visual features make managing and understanding data easier and faster. A host of robust machine learning algorithms accompany the new visual toolset.

Version 4 also sees the launch of the WPS Analytics Hub, offering secure, centralised data security management with a repository and publishing service for programs and models deployed to on-demand production use. Coupled with the Hub, version 4 adds data encryption and audit facilities to accommodate ever-increasing data compliance demands.

“Our customers have been asking for ages for these features.” says Oliver Robinson – CEO, World Programming, “The introduction of interactive, point-and-click tools marks a major step forward for us as we broaden the appeal of our software to those who may not have a data science background. Streetwise data scientists will appreciate the high-productivity, advanced interactive tools, whilst GDPR enthusiasts will welcome the data encryption and Hub features.”

The low-cost SAS language compiler included with WPS Analytics continues to gain popularity with ever more new features and performance improvements. Many of the world’s biggest businesses now rely on the robust, scalable capabilities of the WPS Analytics platform to stay in front.

About World Programming

World Programming produces and sells WPS Analytics, an advanced analytics software platform for data engineers and data scientists. The platform offers interactive visual and programming tools for working with data, supporting languages of SAS, SQL, Python and R, and runs on workstation, server, cloud, and mainframe systems. Leading organisations around the globe in every industry depend on WPS Analytics software.

For further information about World Programming and the WPS Analytics platform please visit https://www.worldprogramming.com/

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