WPS Analytics offers free SAS language compiler for community users

Likely to be popular with SAS language users, the new Community Edition of WPS Analytics provides a free SAS language compiler together with coding and visual workflow tools.

ROMSEY, UK – 10 October 2019 – World Programming has introduced the free Community Edition of its flagship WPS Analytics software, a high-end data engineering and data science platform that includes a SAS language compiler. The free WPS Analytics Community Edition allows users to develop and run SAS programs that process unlimited data volumes.

More than just a SAS language compiler, the WPS Analytics Community Edition also offers drag-and-drop visual data workflows, data profiling and exploration, visual decision tree building, predictive modelling and machine learning, model scoring and much more, all integrated into a single, coherent user interface.

For advanced SAS language programmers, it is worth noting that the free Community Edition of WPS Analytics includes all the SAS language features of the paid-for WPS Analytics Standard Edition such as data step, procedures, macro language, ODS, matrix programming, graphing, statistics, time series analysis, machine learning, connectors to all major databases, data warehouses, data files, Excel, Hadoop and cloud based data.

SAS language is the undisputed king for managing and analysing large data volumes of structured data. Add to this the power of Python, R and SQL that can be combined with WPS Analytics to bring emerging technologies together with established technologies to give users the best of all worlds.

The acclaimed WPS Workbench GUI is also included in the Community Edition of WPS Analytics. The Workbench provides a feature-rich coding perspective for users to develop SAS language programs and to execute and explore the resulting libraries, datasets, logs and output. The workbench also includes an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas in a workflow perspective with processing blocks that can be combined for data input/output, data preparation, predictive modelling, machine learning, graphing, scoring, and decision tree building.

Global head of sales and solutions at World Programming, Oli Plaistowe, says, “I am really excited that we can offer data engineers, data scientists, analysts and modellers a full data science workbench with a free SAS language compiler. There has never been an easier way to get the advantages of mixing SAS language development with open source languages such as Python and R. Community Edition compliments our product line-up perfectly to allow those that don’t require the benefits of our commercial offerings to still gain from our powerful technology”.

The free WPS Analytics Community Edition is available today at


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World Programming produces and sells WPS Analytics, an advanced analytics software platform for data engineers and data scientists. The platform offers interactive visual and programming tools for working with data, supporting languages of SAS, SQL, Python and R, and runs on workstation, server, cloud, and mainframe systems. Leading organisations around the globe in every industry depend on WPS Analytics software.

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