World Programming Releases Free WPS Express Edition Software

Get started with data science and programming in the SAS language.

LONDON, UK – 19 April 2016 – World Programing today made its WPS industrial analytics and data science software available for free with the introduction of an Express Edition licence.

The WPS Express Edition is available for Windows and macOS and includes all the features of the Standard Edition but with a restriction on the volume of data that can be processed and is not for production use. The licence is for individuals, not companies, and can be used at home or at work.

The Express Edition is ideal for anyone interested in learning to analyse data with industrial analytics tools but with zero financial outlay. Anyone can access the Express Edition, not just students. It will also benefit those who may use SAS language at work and want to learn more at home.

WPS software offers the ability to create and run SAS language programs and to include R language syntax embedded within SAS syntax. With the Express Edition users can learn to connect to files, open Internet data, databases and other data sources, clean, prepare, sort and summarise data, then perform advanced analytical operations prior to presenting, visualising and reporting, all within one environment. These skills are needed by today’s data scientists to unlock information held within conventional data and big data and to predict future events.

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World Programming produces and sells WPS Analytics, an advanced analytics software platform for data engineers and data scientists. The platform offers interactive visual and programming tools for working with data, supporting languages of SAS, SQL, Python and R, and runs on workstation, server, cloud, and mainframe systems. Leading organisations around the globe in every industry depend on WPS Analytics software.

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