SAS Institute IP claims against World Programming fail again

All copyright and patent infringement claims in Texas dismissed or withdrawn.

TEXAS, US – 27 October 2020 – A federal judge in Texas yesterday dismissed SAS Institute’s third set of copyright infringement claims against World Programming. SAS Institute had already confirmed to the Court in these proceedings that it had voluntarily withdrawn all other claims, alleging patent infringement, against World Programming.

Oliver Robinson, CEO World Programming says, “It is good to receive such a carefully considered judgment from this well-respected court that is consistent with World Programming’s long-held belief, previously vindicated in other courts, that World Programming’s software does not infringe any intellectual property rights in SAS Institute’s software”.

Having pursued World Programming persistently in courts in Europe and the US for more than 11 years, SAS Institute brought proceedings against World Programming in 2018 in the Eastern District of Texas. Judge Gilstrap, widely regarded as the leading judge in high-tech intellectual property cases in the US, dismissed the claims on the grounds that SAS Institute failed to identify any copyrightable elements in their assertions of infringement. SAS Institute had previously asserted copyright infringement claims against World Programming’s software in the UK and in North Carolina with both courts finding no infringement by World Programming.

Claire Blewett, general legal counsel for World Programming says, “This latest judicial decision, consistently with those that preceded it, properly recognises that World Programming’s software has been lawfully created. I hope that World Programming can now begin to enjoy the real fruits of its exceptionally dedicated and talented team whose software should be allowed to flourish rather than face any more unsubstantiated allegations of copyright infringement”.

World Programming is represented by Keystone Law in the UK and by Caldwell, Cassady and Curry in the US.

Acerca de World Programming

World Programming proporciona software y servicios de análisis, incluida su plataforma líder WPS Analytics, que ayuda a las empresas globales de primer nivel en todos los sectores a modernizarse, ahorrar dinero y trasladar la ciencia de datos y el análisis a la nube. Las funcionalidades incluyen herramientas de ciencia de datos, implementación de API de análisis y un compilador de lenguaje SAS.

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