WPS Matrix Programming

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WPS Matrix Programming

Matrix Manipulation

Advanced matrix manipulation and algorithm development can be done with WPS software using either the SAS language or the R language.

Matrix Programming with the SAS language

WPS software includes support for the IML procedure (PROC IML) syntax of the SAS language, sometimes referred to as IML language. This provides the ability to code matrix programming statements in a SAS program using natural mathematical syntax to write custom algorithms, read and write datasets, and to control the flow of programs.

The IML syntax shares several basic similarities with SAS language DATA steps with mathematical functions such as LOG, SQRT, ABS, SIN, COS, CEIL, FLOOR, and so on. Mathematical functions used in the IML procedure act on elements in matrices, unlike a Data Step, which acts on single observations. The matrices will typically reside in memory (primary storage) whereas data sets typically reside on disk (secondary storage).

Matrix Programming with the R Language

The IML syntax includes the flexibility to transfer matrices from WPS to and back from an R environment for further processing. This can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to WPS Interop for R capabilities, such as exporting and importing datasets between R and WPS environments and executing R code from the R procedure (PROC R).

Dependencies and Usage

The WPS Matrix Programming module is available for all platforms supported by WPS software.

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