Why WPS Analytics

One platform, different industries and use

Used in 40+ countries

Used in all industry sectors

WPS Usage

WPS is used around the world by organisations that require maximum reliability for their high-value and critical business needs

Reduce operational costs

Migrating existing SAS language programs to WPS typically results in reduced operational costs with flexible and cost effective licence options


Our constant product development

  • Focused on customer needs and feedback
  • Relentless product development
  • Unprecedented nightly maintenance updates

One platform for all analytics needs

If you're looking for a versatile and flexible end-to-end data solution, look no further

Want to know more?

Data scientists

Understand data with predictive analytics and visual programming tools

SAS language users

Develop and run SAS programs

Decision makers

Gain insights, make better, faster decisions

Licence agreement & terms of use of WPS