Serious about analytics

WPS Analytics gives you the power to build data-centric workflows and applications, and to perform data science tasks to produce and deploy models on unlimited quantities of data

One platform, multiple programming languages

Combine SAS code with R, Python and SQL seamlessly in a single executable program

Run your SAS programs for less

Develop and run your SAS programs with our integrated SAS language compiler

Coding and visual point‑and‑click

The WPS Analytics Workbench suits all levels of ability whether coding or not

Use any data

Use data anywhere from spreadsheets to big data

Flexible deployment architecture

  • Cloud
  • Desktop
  • Server
  • Mainframe

Where and how is WPS Analytics used?

Fortune 500 & Insurance
Fortune 500 & insurance
Used by fortune 500 companies and the primary analytics platform for 2 of the top 3 global insurance companies
Global Reach
Global reach
More than 2000 WPS installations, in over 40 countries, with millions of consumers of WPS output
Expanding Data Requirements
Expanding data requirements
WPS handles megaflops of transactional data daily for IT companies
Real time Credit Scoring
Real time credit scoring
WPS scores 300 records in 3 microseconds for a major credit bureau
High Street Banks
High street banks
WPS executes tens of thousands of production programs for major high street banks
Customer Knowledge
Customer knowledge
WPS processes terabytes of customer loyalty data for customer centric solutions