Art and AI

“I wish I were van Gogh…”. Anything is possible with Artificial Intelligence! Find out how with aiFineArt, a free World Programming online tool.

Our technical team are a clever bunch!

We haven’t posted much on this blog about our technical team here at World Programming and we plan to fix this by posting a series of articles celebrating our brilliant team members. We have a very strong team of amazingly talented people with the range of skills needed to build complex software products.

2021 release of WPS Analytics V4.3 GA

We are delighted to announce the 2021 Generally Available (GA) release of WPS Analytics version 4.3. This release contains many new features and enhancements for SAS language support, Workflow capability and our WPS Hub product.

WPS Analytics Decision Tree Editor: yet another modelling gem!

Decision trees can be used for predictive modelling and machine learning, however, its other capabilities are less acknowledged! Unlike most machine learning techniques, a decision tree is a fully transparent model and as such can be utilised as a surrogate for complex analytical models such as neural networks. Also, the ability to visualise a decision tree makes it an ideal insight tool, especially for capturing complex interactions.

WPS Analytics WoE Transform Editor: a universal modelling gem

The magic of Weight of Evidence (WoE) transformation. This blog is not a fairy tale, it provides the reality of a robust technique that outperforms many commonly explored techniques. Users are prepared to spend huge amounts of time playing with a handful of techniques but very few can outperform WoE.