Art and AI

“I wish I were van Gogh…”. Anything is possible with Artificial Intelligence! Find out how with aiFineArt, a free World Programming online tool.

WPS Analytics Decision Tree Editor: yet another modelling gem!

Decision trees can be used for predictive modelling and machine learning, however, its other capabilities are less acknowledged! Unlike most machine learning techniques, a decision tree is a fully transparent model and as such can be utilised as a surrogate for complex analytical models such as neural networks. Also, the ability to visualise a decision tree makes it an ideal insight tool, especially for capturing complex interactions.

WPS Analytics WoE Transform Editor: a universal modelling gem

The magic of Weight of Evidence (WoE) transformation. This blog is not a fairy tale, it provides the reality of a robust technique that outperforms many commonly explored techniques. Users are prepared to spend huge amounts of time playing with a handful of techniques but very few can outperform WoE.

Assicurazione: Parte 3: Gestione delle richieste di risarcimento

Elevati costi operativi, richieste di risarcimento fraudolente, lunghe procedure di richiesta di risarcimento con richieste in continua crescita da parte dei clienti e insoddisfazione dei clienti, sono solo alcune delle numerose difficoltà del complesso processo di gestione delle richieste di risarcimento. La terza e ultima parte della nostra serie di blog descrive come l’analisi predittiva può rendere questo processo più efficiente e redditizio.