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Governance for your analytics enterprise​

Install WPS Analytics Hub on a single server or cloud environment for a centralised governance facility across your entire analytics enterprise from development to deployment.

Centrally manage developers and business users​

Use simple controls to define and manage users and groups:

  • Single sign-on to get access to Hub services and deployed analytics ​
  • Assign roles and permissions for selected governance and deployment actions. For example, a database administrator could have permission to define and publish data libraries, the sales team could be granted exclusive access to deployed analytics for sales reporting, and so on.​
  • Synchronise via LDAP with Active Directory Services

Eliminate exposure of data access credentials​

Store data access credentials in Hub to automatically secure them through a user’s single Hub sign-on. ​

For SAS language programs this eliminates the need to hard-code UIDs and PWDs by virtue of operating within the Hub’s secure authentication domain.

Publish data libraries

Define and push data libraries to selected users/groups of the Workbench environment.

Workbench users can list, access and explore all data libraries that have been published to them.

Audit logs​

User actions and interactions with Hub are collated and stored in audit logs. For example, find out who performed a particular action, when it happened, from where it was performed, and so on.

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