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SAS language

SAS language​

Use WPS Analytics to run programs written in SAS language syntax, without the need to install any other third-party products.

Development capabilities:​

  • A set of UI features (a perspective) designed specifically to handle SAS language programs​
  • The ability to add code blocks into a workflow and program them in the SAS language​
  • Export of workflows as a SAS language program

Mix languages

WPS Analytics includes SAS language procedures for using Python, R and Hadoop code all inside a single SAS program. Exchange data seamlessly between the different parts of a program. Logs and output such as graphs are piped back and handled as part of the SAS program output.

User interface​

Employ the Workbench user interface features (a perspective) to create, maintain and run SAS language programs and to explore the resulting output in an interactive session.

Code editor​

Use the SAS language perspective’s code editor for: ​

  • Syntax highlighting​
  • Code assistance​
  • Code templates​
  • Code history; compare or roll back​
  • Running highlighted sections of code or running the entire program

SAS program output​

The perspective maintains an interactive session with easy to use features to explore the resulting output from executed SAS language programs:​

  • Logs ​
  • Dataset library explorer​
  • Output files as PDF, HTML or plain text


SAS language is also supported in the workflow environment:​

  • Add code blocks anywhere in a workflow and program them with SAS language​
  • Extract SAS code from an end-to end workflow

No need to translate your existing SAS language programs​

Migrate your existing SAS language programs to WPS Analytics: ​

  • Maintain mission critical programs​
  • Take advantage of the ability to mix Python and R capabilities with SAS language​​
  • Modernise to the cloud, to a new on-premise platform, or to a hybrid of cloud and on-premise

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