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Data preparation

Data discovery

Data modelling

SAS language

Data discovery

Tackle data discovery visually or programmatically.

Data profiler

A quick and easy visual tool to reveal insights and statistics.

The Data Profiler offers:

  • A range of univariate statistics
  • Visuals such as correlation matrices
  • Predictive power of variables
  • Dashboard visuals

Use it to:

  • Explore datasets
  • Validate data
  • Count missing values



The Data Profiler provides a wide range of statistical insights without the need to write any code.

The ability to write code in Python, R or SAS language also gives you the option for any statistical insight you may need beyond the ones the Data Profiler offers.

Decision trees​

Explore data visually with decision trees. All nodes in the tree display summary statistics and are colour coded to clearly illustrate results. Automatically grow an end-to-end tree or grow one level at a time with complete control. ​

Once you have your tree, extract results and tables to use in other third-party documents or presentations and extract error free code defining the end-to-end tree for deployment into production.

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