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Data preparation

Data discovery

Data modelling

SAS language

Develop​ment for coders and non‑coders​

The WPS Analytics development UI (the Workbench) accommodates users of differing capability and skill sets and enables collaboration between data engineers, statisticians and data scientists.

One Workbench,
two perspectives

Use the Workbench for pure coding in a modern integrated development environment (IDE). The primary coding language is SAS with support for coding in Python, R and SQL.


Use visual programming tools on a workflow canvas with drag-and-drop blocks for data prep, discovery and modelling. Augment workflows with code blocks programmable in the languages of SAS, Python, R and SQL​.

Integrate with
Git​ version control

Have complete version control with local or remote repositories.  Track changes or roll back to previous versions of workflow or code. Use a common repository between development and deployment.

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