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Deploy your analytics

Having developed your models and programs (analytics), use the WPS Analytics Hub to publish them with ease for real-time and on-demand use within your enterprise or by your customers. Hub’s governance capabilities help with management and access of deployed analytics.

Multi-language analytics

​Hub is capable of handling analytics written in the language of SAS, Python or R.

Analytics management

Hub stores published analytics in a central repository, providing version control and code management. The repository can be optionally connected to a third-party version control system, such as Git.​

Build interfaces with ease

​Without having to write any code, create user interfaces to operate with individual analytics. For example, prompt users for a particular input, such as a date, to use when executing​.

Run-time management

Once local or remote run-time environments are defined in Hub, they can be easily associated with analytics at the point of publishing. Hub then manages execution requests to call appropriate production environment to run the analytics and route the resulting output back to the requestor.​


Use a scheduling facility in the Hub to run deployed analytics at a specified time and day.​

On-demand usage options

There are multiple options to access deployed analytics: ​

  • MS Excel​
  • Web browser (PC, tablet, mobile)​
  • Bespoke reporting portals and dashboards​
  • Programmable calls (C++, C#, .Net, Java, Java Script)​​

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