WPS Version 3 Released



02 Feb 2012




World Programming today released version 3 of their leading WPS data processing and analytics software.

Big data processing at affordable prices is driving adoption of WPS in the datacentre and across the enterprise for analytics, business intelligence and prediction, data management, ETL and reporting.

WPS version 3 boosts support for the language of SAS, extending core data processing capabilities as well as analytics and graphing. Further improvements have been made to performance and scalability together with a wide range of supported platforms.

The popularity of Linux platforms continues to grow as organisations look for platform flexibility and control over costs. WPS Link technology with WPS version 3 offers the option to use the popular WPS Workbench user interface (GUI) to connect to and run programs in server, grid, cluster and cloud environments, suiting modern datacentre-driven compute facilities.

Version 3 also brings the WPS Workbench user interface to macOS, Solaris, AIX and Linux platforms including Linux for System z. The WPS Workbench benefits from significant enhancements including: improved handling and display of automatically generated output; importing and exporting data; multiple concurrent program execution; code generation templates and more.

WPS statistical analysis capability continues to expand. Organisations are increasingly looking to use their data to provide the insight, prediction and intelligence to make decisions that will affect their future. WPS has the power to handle the big data volumes of the modern enterprise and to produce results that can be depended on.

WPS version 3 is available as a free upgrade to all WPS licence holders.

New in WPS Version 3

  • Multi-Platform Workbench

    The WPS Workbench (IDE/GUI) is now offered on the following platforms:

    • AIX
    • Linux (x86 and System z)
    • macOS
    • Windows
  • Workbench Feature Enhancements

    The WPS Workbench has received many usability enhancements including:

    • Dataset import/export wizard.
    • 3rd-party eclipse plugin support.
    • Rename/delete datasets.
    • Assign/deassign libraries (libnames).
    • Find values in dataset viewer.
    • Enhanced dataset viewer display.
    • Automatic management of ODS HTML and Listing output.
    • Regular expression support in ‘find’ features.
    • Improved character set/codepage support.
    • Multiple concurrent WPS servers (see below).
    • WPS Link remote server capability (see below).
  • Multiple Concurrent WPS Servers

    In previous releases of the WPS Workbench it was only possible to have one local server on which you could run your scripts. WPS version 3 allows you to set up multiple servers in the WPS Workbench and to pick which server to run any given script on. The WPS Workbench manages all the output, logs and datasets generated by each server for you. This enhancement, combined with the New WPS Link technology (see below) allows you to run your programs wherever you would like and control it all from the WPS Workbench.

  • Remote Server Connection

    New WPS Link technology allows the WPS Workbench to link to remote WPS Servers on other Mac, Linux or UNIX servers and to run scripts on those machines. It also allows you to view any resulting output locally in your WPS Workbench on your local machine. This enables you to make use of centralised storage and processing resources including grids and clusters of WPS processing servers and removes the requirement to process or store any data on the workstation.

  • Multi-Threading Summarisation

    Workstations and Servers with multiple CPU cores or hyper-threading can benefit from the new multi-threaded summarising engine in WPS version 3. This significantly improves the performance of many procedures within WPS that perform summarisation of data including PROC SUMMARY, PROC MEANS and other statistical procedures such as PROC TTEST.

  • Microsoft Windows® Installer

    WPS for Windows now allows in-place upgrade without requiring the removal of previous version of WPS beforehand.

  • Core Language Support

    WPS version 3 continues the expansion of it’s language support with even more new language items.

  • Statistical Analysis

    The support in WPS Statistics has been expanded to include:

    • PROC GLM

    PROC LOGISTIC has been improved to allow the following model selection methods FORWARDS, BACKWARDS, STEPWISE and FAST. Numerous other statements and options have been added to the DATA STEP and other PROCS.

  • Financial Functions

    Support has been added for the following financial functions:

    • PMT
    • IPMT
    • PPMT
  • DATA Step Enhancements

    Support has been added for MODIFY and UPDATE statements within the DATA Step as well as support for NOMISS and UNIQUE constraints. Numerous other enhancements have also been added to the DATA Step like the addition of the COMPGED, CALL COMPCOST and UUIDGEN DATA Step functions.

  • Dataset Index Enhancements

    WPS support for dataset indexes has been extended and optimised to offer faster index build and modification actions as well as faster index retrieval. Index creation speed has been dramatically improved. For example, on a 50 million row dataset WPS version 3 may create an index 10 times faster than WPS 2. The index files WPS version 3 produces are also significantly smaller than those produced by previous WPS versions, typically up to 50% smaller.

  • Improved WPD Library Engine

    WPS version 3 has a new, improved version of the World Programming Dataset (WPD) library engine. WPD files generated by version 3.x cannot be read by previous version 2.X releases of WPS. Version 2 files can be read and written to by WPS 3 using the new WPDV2 engine. The WPD engine in WPS 3 can read version 2 datasets without program modification, however by default the WPD engine will now write WPS 3 datasets. Please see Upgrading comments below *.

  • Sybase®

    A new WPS Engine for Sybase on Windows, Linux and AIX platforms.

  • XML Data Support

    A new library engine for XML in the WPS Core provides generic XML data import/export support and use of Oracle, CDISC and XMLMAP transformations.

  • PROC IMPORT/EXPORT support for Microsoft Access and Excel

    WPS version 3 now provides full support in PROCs IMPORT/EXPORT for Microsoft Access and Excel.

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