WPS Version 3.2 Released



08 Jan 2016




World Programming release a new version of its industrial analytics and data science platform software: WPS version 3.2.

What’s New?
WPS version 3.2 combines big data and data science tools with traditional advanced analytics environments and reliable industrial strength design and operation, helping organisations validate, integrate and productionise new technologies and techniques without losing the value built up in existing analytics infrastructure.

New Hadoop support includes options to use HDFS, Pig, MapReduce, Hive and Impala with support for major Hadoop distributions including Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR and vanilla Apache Hadoop.

Formatted output has been greatly improved with better ODS syntax support, new plotting and graphical output capabilities.

Syntax support for many existing statistical procedures has been enhanced, and support for additional statistical procedure syntax has been added including NLIN, BOXPLOT, CANDISC, SIMNORMAL, CORRESP, NESTED and NPAR1WAY.

Performance and usability of connectivity to DB2 databases has been significantly improved.

For users of the WPS Workbench GUI, the dataset viewer has been enhanced to allow editing of dataset contents, column reordering, dynamic filtering, sorting and more.

The WPS Communicate module that provides the ability to programmatically pass the execution of parts of a SAS program one computer to another computer running WPS has been enhanced, adding an asynchronous mode that can deliver significant performance improvements for a large class of workloads. The asynchronous mode allows sub-programs (multiple SAS programs, or parts of a single SAS program) to be executed simultaneously on one or multiple computers.

Data step views and stored compiled data steps are now supported. This much requested feature uses multi-threading to execute views in parallel with the calling process, offering the potential for significant performance improvements.

WPS Link client/server technology now supports Bitvise SSH for Windows servers.

Additional Information

Existing Users

Existing users should visit here where you can download a readme file containing more information about all the new features and fixes in WPS 3.2.

New Users

New users can find information about WPS software and request a free evaluation on the WPS Product pages.

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