WPS Version 3.0.1 Released



17 Aug 2012




World Programming today released version 3.0.1 of their WPS software for workstations, servers and mainframes.

WPS is a competitively priced, high performance, highly scalable data processing and analytics software product that allows users to execute programs written in the SAS language. WPS is supported on a wide variety of hardware and operating system platforms and can connect to and work with many types of data with ease. The WPS user interface (Workbench) is frequently praised for its ease of use and flexibility, with the option to include numerous third-party extensions.

WPS version 3.0.1 offers additional flexibility with the release of three new data engines for accessing Kognitio warehouses, and PostgreSQL and Vertica databases. WPS now comes with fifteen data engines and can access a huge range of commonly used and industry-standard file-formats and databases.

Support in WPS for the SAS language continues to expand with additional procedures and many other language items and options.

WPS version 3.0.1 is available as a free upgrade to all licensed users of WPS.


New in WPS Version 3.0.1

  • Additional Language Support
    WPS 3.0.1 provides many fixes and minor enhancements and expands it’s language support with additional new language items, including new Procedures such as PROC REPORT, PROC DBLOAD, PROC RELEASE, and many other language items, options and macro variables. PROC LOGISTIC and PROC FASTCLUS benefit from significant performance improvements.
  • Kognitio®
    The new WPS Engine for Kognitio provides dedicated support for accessing the Kognitio warehouse.
  • PostgreSQL®
    The new WPS Engine for PostgreSQL provides dedicated support for accessing the PostgreSQL database.
  • Vertica®
    A new WPS Engine for Vertica provides dedicated support for accessing the Vertica database.
  • Bulk Loading for DB2® and Greenplum®
    Bulk loading support is now available in the WPS Engine for DB2 for non z/OS systems and the WPS Engine for Greenplum.

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