WPS Version 2.5 Released



12 Aug 2010




World Programming today introduced WPS version 2.5. WPS software provides support for the SAS language for processing data on workstations, servers and mainframe systems and amongst the many new features in the latest release is the introduction of multi-threading in PROC SORT and the option of true 64-bit versions for workstations and servers to boost performance over previous versions. This latest release of WPS also sees the continued expansion of the language support.

New in WPS Version 2.5

  • 64-Bit and 32-Bit Support

  • WPS 2.5 introduces the option of a 64-bit version as well as the 32-bit version. Although the 64-bit release will provide performance gains over the 32-bit version, language and feature support is identical.

  • Multi-Threaded Sorting

  • Users with multiple CPU cores or hyper-threads can expect significant performance gains with newly added multi-threading support in all sorting operations including PROC SORT.

  • Core Language

  • WPS 2.5 continues the expansion of its core language support. New in this release is INFILE User Exits, ISPF functionality, many new Procedures such as CPORT, CIMPORT, FORMS, SOURCE, PDS, basic support for PDSCOPY, and many other new language items.

  • File & Directory Manipulation Functions

  • New support for a suite of file and directory manipulation functions such as DOPEN, FOPEN, DREAD, FREAD, etc.

  • Statistical Analysis

  • The procedure support in WPS Statistics is expanded to include SURVEYSELECT, FASTCLUS and ANOVA.

  • Graphing

  • Support in WPS Graphing is expanded to include many new language items including PLOT2.


  • A new WPS Engine for OLEDB provides support for accessing third party data sources supporting the OLEDB interface.

  • Microsoft Excel® & Access®

  • Direct IMPORT and EXPORT to Microsoft Excel® is now supported under WPS Engine for DB Files. The new WPS Engine for OLEDB support in WPS 2.5 provides direct support for Microsoft Access®.

  • Informix®

  • A new WPS Engine for Informix provides dedicated support for accessing the Informix database.


  • For Mainframe users there is new support for accessing SASDASD data files.

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