WPS Version 2.5.1 Released



14 Feb 2011




World Programming today released version 2.5.1 of their WPS software for workstations, servers and mainframes.

WPS is a competitively priced, high performance, highly scalable data processing and analytics software product that allows users to execute programs written in the SAS language. WPS is supported on a wide variety of hardware and operating system platforms and can connect to and work with many types of data with ease. The WPS user interface (Workbench) is frequently praised for its ease of use and flexibility, with the option to include numerous third-party extensions.

This latest version of the software has the ability to manipulate even greater volumes of data, removing the previous 2^31 (2 billion) limit on number of observations.

Complimenting extended data processing capabilities, World Programming has worked hard to boost the performance, scalability and reliability of the WPS software to give users the confidence they need to run heavy workloads whilst delivering maximum value from available computer power.

WPS version 2.5.1 offers additional flexibility with the release of two new data engines for accessing Greenplum and SAND databases. WPS now comes with eleven data engines and can access a huge range of commonly used and industry-standard file-formats and databases.

Support in WPS for the SAS language continues to expand with more statistical procedures, data step functions, graphing controls and many other language items and options.

WPS version 2.5.1 is available as a free upgrade to all licensed users of WPS.

New in WPS Version 2.5.1

  • Supporting Even Larger Datasets

    WPS is now able to process very large datasets by lifting completely the previous size limit of 2^31 observations.

  • Performance and Scalability Boosted

    Performance and scalability improvements across the board combine to ensure even the most demanding large and concurrent workloads are processed efficiently and reliably.

  • More Language Support

    WPS 2.5.1 continues the expansion of it’s language support with over 70 new language items, including new Procedures, Data Step functions and many other language items and options.

  • Statistical Analysis

    The procedure support in WPS Statistics has been expanded to include PROC CLUSTER and PROC TREE.

  • Graphical Output

    The graphical output from WPS Graphing has been expanded to accommodate more configurable graphics.

  • Hash Tables

    Support is now provided for hash tables.

  • Greenplum®

    A new WPS Engine for Greenplum provides dedicated support for accessing the Greenplum database.

  • SAND®

    A new WPS Engine for SAND provides dedicated support for accessing the SAND database.

  • Oracle®

    Bulk loading support now available in the WPS Engine for Oracle

  • SQL Server®

    To enhance existing SQL Server database access, a new SQLSERVR (please note spelling) facility in the ODBC engine.

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