2021 release of WPS Analytics V4.3 GA



09 Mar 2021




We are delighted to announce the 2021 Generally Available (GA) release of WPS Analytics version 4.3.

This release contains many new features and enhancements for SAS language support, Workflow capability and our WPS Hub product.

For coders, this release brings increased data insight and program flexibility. You can now use the Data Profiler visual tool in the SAS language coding perspective to provide insights into your data without having to write any code.

The WPS Analytics processing engine has been enhanced with new SAS Language items, including procedures and other language items for statistics, graphing, output and many other features. Several of the data library engines have also been enhanced with multi-threading capability and there is the addition of a new data library engine for Snowflake.

Version 4.3 allows you to create your own custom functions or routines for use in a program or workflow using the new FCMP procedure. This procedure enables programmers to make more efficient use of compute resources. The functionality allows you to collect data in an array data structure and dynamically-resize the array at runtime. This runtime array resizing can also take place in data step code ؘ– no more over-estimating the size of an array before you run a program, the exact requirements can now be calculated and used at program runtime.

Enhancements to our drag-and-drop workflow bring more efficient ways to interact with data. You are able to pre-process datasets on import to focus on the data your workflow requires. You can use in-database functionality to make a data preparation in a Workflow more resource-efficient, and can now connect to a Snowflake database and use the Snowflake bulk load and bulk unload functionality.

As with previous releases of the Workflow, import of required datasets from a database can be shown in a workflow built around that data. WPS version 4.3 now supports the dataset only being imported to the workflow when required. You can further improve resource usage by using a new Query block to pre-process data in the database before importing to the Workflow.

Data governance also features in the version 4.3 release. Permissions for data can be managed through our WPS Hub product, providing a central point for managing and publishing user and group data access permissions. A single sign-on to the Hub from the Workbench provides users with access to appropriate authentication domains.

Authentication domains allow data security to be preserved. Users do not need to remember or code individual user IDs and passwords in SAS language LIBNAME statements to access the data sources they have been granted permission to access. Authorisation domains are also used by WPS Hub to centrally define and publish data libraries to Workbench users for them to explore and use.

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