2020 releases of WPS Analytics V4.2 GA and first quarterly Early Access (EA) release of V4.3



31 Mar 2020




We are delighted to announce the first 2020 releases of WPS Analytics. These releases contain many new features and enhancements for the Workbench and the analytics engine for both coders and workflow users.

In addition to releases for our supported versions, two new releases are available.

WPS Analytics General Availability (GA) release version 4.2

This release includes new functionality in Workbench workflows, SAS language procedures and other SAS language functionality, and also includes minor enhancements to existing functionality. The changes in this release are described in more detail in our Knowledge base (English only).

The first quarterly Early Access (EA) release version 4.3

In addition to the new features and enhancements available in the 4.2 GA release, this new EA version introduces features before they are made generally available. The changes in this EA release are described in more detail in our Knowledge base (English only).

The Early Access release is made available for users of the WPS Analytics Community Edition and for anyone on the World Programming Early Access programme. For more information about either the Early Access programme or Community Edition, please contact [email protected]

We love to receive feedback from users about our software and we use this to help us understand the most desirable features to add. For version 4.2 we have added many SAS language features and enhanced our drag-and-drop workflow to make it even easier to integrate open source languages with the powerful SAS language to get the best value from your analytics processes.

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