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17 Mar 2016




World Programming has broadened its online presence in several key areas.

To more firmly establish World Programming’s corporate brand we have made a few changes to our website, online services and social media presence.

As a company we have always placed more emphasis on function over form, concentrating on high quality, well engineered software rather than sales promotion and marketing. Our social media presence has therefore been limited to date. Whilst we are keen to maintain our no nonsense approach, we know social media channels can be a helpful way for our customers to keep up to date World Programming news and updates. We now have a presence on twitter, facebook and linkedin as well as an RSS feed for this blog.

We have relocated our website to a new domain, worldprogramming.com from the old teamwpc.co.uk domain. We are in the process of moving our email addresses to the worldprogramming.com domain to match.

At the same time we have introduced a new look and feel and the ability to view and use the new website in English, French and Japanese languages. Other languages will follow in due course.

We have improved the way in which our WPS software and licences can be accessed, offering a self-service portal within the new website. As well as being able to download the WPS software installation packages, the website now allows you to manage and download your licence keys. These new facilities can be accessed by logging in to the new website.

We hope that our new website will make it easier for you to access World Programming software, services and information. As always our friendly staff are here to help with any questions or issues you have via our website or simply drop us an email.

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