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04 May 2017




By: Oliver Robinson

Most of us are bombarded daily with well-meaning but sometimes unwanted newsletters, marketing emails, roundups, twitter feeds, LinkedIn posts and the rest of it. We don’t like receiving too much of this since it can be time-consuming to deal with and the content can sometimes be tired and repetitive. For this reason, we have kept our blog posts and other outbound marketing content to a minimum. However, quite a number of you have asked for more information about our company and our products.

We want to be clear about what you can expect from the World Programming blog, and other marketing and social media channels as we look to provide helpful, educational content together with company and product updates. So, while things have been quiet on our blog during the early part of 2017, we plan a series of more regular posts to keep you up to date with what we have been doing and what we are going to be doing.

Our company mission is to provide the best all-purpose software platform for handling and analysing data – everything from mainframe data, basic data preparation and ETL through to data science, machine learning, AI, production analytics and scoring.

As a company, we are best known for our WPS SAS language compiler and, although this is a very powerful feature, it is only part of our ever-expanding product set. We have big plans for the next twelve months and beyond with significant additions to our product range.

We plan to publish a series of blog posts that explore some of the individual enhancements and related topics from our WPS version 3.3 release including emerging hardware platforms, Jupyter, mixing multiple data analytics languages, new statistical features and spreadsheet handling.

We will share our thoughts on interesting industry challenges, such as data analytics terminology, a history of machine learning, coherence of data analytics technologies and using data science to chart a course for your business to name a few.

We will share content to help you get the best from our product set, such as, basic and advanced data science techniques, tips and tricks for using the WPS Workbench, setting up an enterprise analytics infrastructure, SAS language programming, accessing Big Data and public data and more.

We hope you find our posts both informative and thought provoking. Some posts will help you to understand our product set and how our technology can help you and your business to be more productive. Other posts may offer in-depth analysis or more light-hearted reading to distract you from your latest crazy-complicated artificial intelligence challenge.

We would love to hear your views on what topics, challenges and questions you would like to see tackled on the World Programming blog. Feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact Us page, or via our Twitter or LinkedIn.

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